Medical Center DARUS in Astana and Almaty.

Laser cosmetological clinic “Darus” incorporates the best practices, the most effective medicines and worldwide laser medical technologies enabling essentially to postpone ageing and to recover health and beauty.

It comes out of high professional skill and long-term experience in conjunction with hi-tech innovative equipment and the most effective practices.

Laser cosmetological clinic “Darus” is furnished with the new generation laser equipment of Asclepion German company of the world-famous Carl Zeis company manufacturing optical instruments having a reputation for the reliability over 300 years.

All procedures are performed in the clinic by leading specialists in the field of laser cosmetology and plastic surgery, the physicians having relevant certificates, upgrading their skills and improving their practices in compliance with the latest advances in the world medical aesthetics.

Laser cosmetological clinic “Darus” cooperates successfully with the leading European cosmetological clinics.

Among our partners:

  • E.N. Yurshevich, Doctor of Medical Science with the European Union academic degree, “Gold Lancet” Prize winner, world-famous cosmetic surgeon.
  • Latvian medical aesthetic clinic Lipex, professor Thierry Ertog – world-famous endocrinologist, developer of the European Union anti-aging replacement therapy.
  • Paul De Sadeleer, Fellow of Academy A4M American Anti-Aging, member of ILADS, Director of “Nutrined” company (Netherlands foodstuff laboratory), Director of Belgium research center, Co-Director of Anti-aging centers in Almaty and Astana (Kazakhstan).
  • Rudi Prosman, Master of anti-aging, nutrition and gland replacement therapy, author of bestseller “Life Without Drugs”.
  • K.B. Lipskiy, cosmetic rhinology surgeon, Candidate of Medical Science, member of the Russian Research Center of Surgery, President of the Society of Cosmetic Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeons (SCRAS) of the Russia, European rhinoplasty professor.
  • Professor Frederick Brassini, cosmetic rhinology surgeon, one of the leading French rhinoplasty specialists.
  • R.T. Adamyan, cosmetic surgeon, Doctor of Medical Science, professor, physician of superior merit. Member of the Russian, European and international plastic and reconstructive surgery societies and associations.


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