How to treat skin diseases? Skin diseases are the serious challenge, to cope which is hard frequently. Modern dermatology offers various schemes of treatment. Usually, application of one method is insufficient, the complex of measures, including hormonal therapy, balneotherapy and irradiation of the affected areas of a skin with ultraviolet. The majority of methods of treatment have serious contra-indications. Often, full recovery is not possible, and physicians can achieve only more or less duration of the period of remission.

The excimer laser XTRAC is a revolution in dermatology. Until quite recently, dermatology had the limited choice of ultraviolet irradiation methods. There is always the risk at skin ultraviolet irradiation that can be affected the areas of a healthy skin and side effect will occur. Invention of the excimer laser is a real a scientific breakthrough in the therapy of skin diseases. It operates at wave length of 308 nm that allows to exclude damage to healthy skin completely. The excimer laser exerts influences exclusively upon those areas, which are subject to treatment and allows to minimise total dose of radiation. Besides, its short, but powerful impulses act much more effectively.


Treatment of skin diseases by means of the excimer laser XTRAC
Chronic skin diseases are refractory. One of the most widespread techniques of treatment of such skin diseases – phototherapy or treatment with ultraviolet is effective, but it has a set of unpleasant side effects. The problem is that procedures of ultraviolet irradiation and «psoralens and ultraviolet irradiation» inevitably damage healthy cells of a skin and there is a high total level of irradiation of skin. Excimer laser XTRAC operates on one length of wave in such a manner that allows to treat effectively the affected areas of a skin, without damage of the healthy cells.

Principle of operation of the excimer laser. The excimer laser generates the waves in monochromatic spectrum of only one length in ultra-violet range, as a result, there is no harmful background radiation practically. Precisely limited length of wave (308 nm) allows to terminate successfully the manifestations of such diseases of skin as psoriasis and vitiligo, and to keep the adjacent areas of healthy skin unaffected, without burns and additional irradiation. Efficiency of such treatment is caused as well by powerful, but short impulses of irradiation. All of this allows to say that excimer lasers are the most advanced treatment method of skin diseases now.


Vitiligo is a disease, which, at its outward “inoffensiveness”, considerably impairs quality of life of the patient, especially, if we will take into consideration that young men at the age from 10 to 30 years old suffer from this disease in most cases. The excimer laser XTRAC, installed in our clinic, allows to achieve positive results of treatment in the shortest term and without any side effects. The main side effect at treatment vitiligo, using other methods, is reddening of the areas of a skin and painful sensation.

Treatment with the excimer laser is absolutely painless, has no side effects practically, and is notable for high efficiency. Psoriasis is one of those little-studied diseases, which occurrence seems to be from nowhere, and it plague the patient’s life out. Unlike vitiligo, it causes not only cosmetic discomfort, but also is a threat of occurrence of more serious pathologies, for example, psoriatic arthritis. The condition becomes aggravated in winter period, and sometimes causes intolerable suffering. The excimer laser XTRAC is also used for treatment of psoriasis in our clinic, which impact allows to avoid side effects, characteristic to other methods of treatment. High efficiency of treatment allows to scale down a course of procedures in comparison with traditional methods.


Circumscripta or circumscribed alopecia is one of the most unpredictable forms of loss of hair. Loss of hair occurs irregularly, on different areas of a skin, at disease development, frequently, these areas coalesce, getting ugly outlines. Such form of disease can lead to full (total) alopecia on the hairy part of the head and on the whole body also. Treatment of alopecia with the excimer laser XTRAC is well proved, thanks to high efficiency and near absence of side effects and disease recurrent.

Laser therapy at atopic dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis or neurodermatitis is the disease of a skin, which starts to develop at early childhood and, in some cases, passes into inveterate stage in the course of grow up. Itching, reddening, inflammation of coetaneous covering, formation of blisters and crusts characterise the atopic dermatitis. This disease also is treated by means of excimer laser XTRAC. Thus, it is very important that directed and limited impact of the beam of the laser allows to avoid adverse side effects (reddening, inflammation, itching of adjacent skin areas).


New equipment in the dermatological clinic “Darus”.
Clinic of dermatology «Darus» is glad to present to the clients the new equipment, which has made the real breakthrough in dermatology. It is the principally new excimer laser XTRAC, which generates the ultra-violet wave in the length of 308 nanometres. Scientific have proved that this frequency of the wave exactly is the most effective and safe for treatment of such serious diseases, as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, circumscripta alopecia, eczema. Our dermatological clinic provides medical treatment of all these diseases.

Why the excimer laser is better than ultraviolet irradiation? In the past, the ultra-violet therapy has been used for treatment of these complex diseases. However, both doctors, and patients of dermatological clinics have often faced the side effects of such procedures, disaesthesia from treatment and risk of damage of healthy areas of a skin. At present, with appearance of the excimer laser in the dermatology clinic «Darus», treatment has become much more efficient. The remission periods last much longer than after ultraviolet irradiation treatment, side effects are minimized, and areas of a healthy skin are not damaged at treatment. Besides, there is no harmful background radiation that allows to irradiate the affected areas more intensively that is to reduce the quantity of the procedures, carried out in the dermatological clinic.


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