Circumscripta or circumscribed alopecia is one of the most unpredictable forms of loss of hair. Loss of hair occurs irregularly, on different areas of a skin, at disease development, frequently, these areas coalesce, getting ugly outlines. Such form of disease can lead to full (total) alopecia on the hairy part of the head and on the whole body also. Treatment of alopecia with the excimer laser XTRAC is well proved, thanks to high efficiency and near absence of side effects and disease recurrent.

Laser therapy at atopic dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis or neurodermatitis is the disease of a skin, which starts to develop at early childhood and, in some cases, passes into inveterate stage in the course of grow up. Itching, reddening, inflammation of coetaneous covering, formation of blisters and crusts characterise the atopic dermatitis.

This disease also is treated by means of excimer laser XTRAC. Thus, it is very important that directed and limited impact of the beam of the laser allows to avoid adverse side effects (reddening, inflammation, itching of adjacent skin areas).


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