Vitiligo is a disease, which, at its outward “inoffensiveness”, considerably impairs quality of life of the patient, especially, if we will take into consideration that young men at the age from 10 to 30 years old suffer from this disease in most cases. The excimer laser XTRAC, installed in our clinic, allows to achieve positive results of treatment in the shortest term and without any side effects. The main side effect at treatment vitiligo, using other methods, is reddening of the areas of a skin and painful sensation.

Treatment with the excimer laser is absolutely painless, has no side effects practically, and is notable for high efficiency. Psoriasis is one of those little-studied diseases, which occurrence seems to be from nowhere, and it plague the patient’s life out. Unlike vitiligo, it causes not only cosmetic discomfort, but also is a threat of occurrence of more serious pathologies, for example, psoriatic arthritis. The condition becomes aggravated in winter period, and sometimes causes intolerable suffering. The excimer laser XTRAC is also used for treatment of psoriasis in our clinic, which impact allows to avoid side effects, characteristic to other methods of treatment. High efficiency of treatment allows to scale down a course of procedures in comparison with traditional methods.


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