As gymnastics is necessary for a body, the massage is necessary for a face.

Massage exerts multiple physiological impact on a skin:

  • skin is cleaned from fallen down horny scales of epidermis, and of foreign particles together with them, which penetrate into skin pores
  • function of perspiratory and sebaceous glands is improved
  • skin lymph and blood circulation is stimulated, the venous stagnation is eliminated, skin blood supply is stimulated, nourishment is improved
  • the tone of a skin and muscles is increased that makes skin smooth, dense and elastic
  • metabolism is improved
  • ageing prophylaxis

Facial massage in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

We apply several methods of facial massage:

Classic (cosmetic) massage is recommended at dry aging skin, is performed on other types of a skin, as appropriate. Cream or massage oil is used for cosmetic massage. Massage is performed every second day or one-two times a week.

Facial chiromassage under the author’s methodology of professor Enrique Kastels Garcia (institute of manual therapy INMASTER, Barcelona), recognised as one of the best in the various training centres in Europe, America, Middle East, and Russia now. Methodologies «INMASTER» are absolutely original philosophy and new style of massage. They have incorporated all the best from the European massage schools, and from the Orient schools of physical and spiritual harmony. At present, massage under the system “INMASTER” is second to none on the level and depth of impact.

Result – increase of elasticity, tone of muscles and facial skin, improvement of nutrition and hydration of skin, its oxygenation, toxins withdrawal, stimulation of the processes of cell regeneration.

It is the new unique methodology. Effect of lifting is created due to withdrawal of excess of liquid and toxins. The condition of epidermis is improved, couperosis manifestations are decreased and wrinkles are smoothed. It is the alternative to plastic surgery.

Facial massage in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Indications for massage under the abovementioned methods:

  • oedema
  • wrinkles
  • turgor reduction
  • age-related dryness of skin
  • face contouring


  • healthy complexion
  • lifting
  • face, neck and décolleté area contouring
  • blood supply improvement
  • wastes removal from an organism
  • improvement of general state of health

Facial massage in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus



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