Face gives the first impression about individuality of the person to people around. Therefore, cleaning of the facial skin and scaling of horny particles of a skin are the integral parts of skin care. Cleaning is necessary for any type of skin at any age. The horny cells of a skin are also accumulated on the upper layer of a skin. That’s why, the skin can look dry and lifeless.

Cleaning of the facial skin in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Intensive cleaning or peeling is some kind of “polishing”, which purposefully removes the horny cells and makes room for the skin cells, located in lower layers. Other methods of cleaning of the facial skin, including peeling and scrubbing creams, as well as facial steaming, strengthen and relax, and, at the same time, prepare skin for the following procedures, such as humidification and deep cleaning.

We use two methods for skin cleaning – mechanical (manual method and instrument is used) and chemical (chemical peeling).

Cleaning of the facial skin in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus


We apply classical cleaning in our salon, which is actual for different stages of skin contamination.

– before the course of facial care procedures
– problem skin (acne, comedone)
– porous skin, age skin

– Contra-indications:
– inflammatory processes in a skin at acute condition
– strongly-pronounced facial «vascular network»

Your face becomes smooth and white after our cleaning, without any visible damage.

– skin cleaning
– pore reducing
– improvement of the skin colour

Cleaning procedure:
– Vaporization
– Brushing with use of a peeling cream
– Instrumental cleaning
– Manual cleaning
– Processing with antiseptic tonic
– D’arsonvalization
– Mask, relaxing and pores narrowing
– Cream, restoring the skin balance

Cleaning of the facial skin in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus


After mechanical cleaning, it is recommended to perform a course of a chemical peeling, or one procedure, for removal of horny scales and your face brightening in 2-3 days.

Explanation of medical terms
Brushing – instrumental peeling, performed by means of rotating brushes. Two brushes of different size and different degree of rigidity are intended for a facial skin and skin of a body. The skin surface is smoothed out, made even: favourable conditions for influence of cosmetic preparations are created. Besides ordinary cleaning of a skin, brushing well influences the blood circulation in a skin, being the peculiar type of massage.

Cleaning of the facial skin in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Facial brushing — the steamed out skin is blotted with a napkin, and then emulsion or gel is applied. Rotating adjustable brushes, moving along the massage lines, loosen and peel horny epidermis. Body brushing is performed with special brush along massage lines.

Vaporization — use of steam and ozone by means of the vaporizer device. At the device operation, water steam is saturated with ozone that promotes sterilisation of pathogenic microbes. Skin steaming strengthens the blood circulation, enlarges pores, stimulates secretion of sebaceous glands and perspiratory glands, and removes contaminants, creating favourable conditions for nutrients penetration.

D’Arsonval — Influence of high-frequency current of low strength and different voltage. Action: the general d’arsonvalization slows down coagulability of blood, lowers blood arterial pressure, normalises a tone of vessels of a brain, eliminates headache, fatigue, and improves sleep, working capacity. D’arsonvalization is performed as the finishing procedure after manual cleaning. Upon cleaning completion, facial skin is wiped with disinfectant solution and mask is applied.

Masks after cleaning:
Drying, antibacterial, medical, bleaching, humidifying and cleaning are applied, except the zones of eyes and lips, on the whole face and in the zone of a décolleté on a neck along the massage lines.

With the years, our skin requires more nutrients, since nourishment provides the lipids balance to a skin, which is required. Necessary nourishment returns a young, well-groomed appearance to a skin, promotes smoothing of small wrinkles.

Cleaning of the facial skin in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus



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