BIOFIBRE HAIR IMPLANTATION – is a result of long and thorough medical and scientific researches, which represents the simple aesthetic surgical procedure, safe and effective, allowing to achieve high, absolutely natural density of hair with Immediate Aesthetic Result at insufficient hairiness of a head (alopecia – both in men, and in women).

Safety and efficiency of the procedure of hair implantation Biofibre is reached, thanks to the following:

  • safety of materials, which Biofibre® uses for manufacturing of the hair fibre; the specified materials are biocompatible and are approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and СЕ for medical use;
  • unique «removable hair bulb» of hair fibre Biofibre® that allows to remove the implanted fibre completely, in case of need;
  • tools and devices for implantation Medicap, which serve as a guarantee that the procedure of hair implantation will be performed correctly, and the Aesthetic Result will be longevous;
  • the competence of the doctor, has taken special training course, who performs the procedure of hair implantation Biofibre;
  • selection of the patient and carrying out of tolerance tests Biofibre.

Advantages of hair implantation Biofibre:

  • immediate and natural result from the aesthetic point of view;
  • high density of hair fibre within few hours;
  • simple, fast, reversible, painless procedure in out-patient conditions;
  • allows patient to lead an active life, to go in for sports, even very soon after implantation;
  • provides step and gradual hair increase in density, price availability;
  • the burdensome care is not required for maintenance of desirable aesthetic result;
  • it is not of obliging nature: procedure can be executed or stopped at will, implantation can be performed separately or in combination with other kinds of medical or surgical treatment.


  • small repeated procedures of hair implantation should be performed for maintenance of the reached aesthetic result;
  • the appropriate requirements of hygiene concerning hairy part of the head should be observed and the rules of regenerative therapy should be followed;
  • it is not recommended for the patients with hypersensitisation, revealed during testing, carried out prior to the beginning of hair implantation or for the patients, suffering from any other diseases of the hairy part of the head.

Hair implantation Biofibre – is the rejuvenating procedure, recommended for resolving of the problem of insufficient hairiness of a head (alopecia) both in men, and in women, irrespective of age and stage, and when it is necessary to improve the aesthetic result, obtained at use of other techniques of restoration of hair.

Hair implantation Biofibre – only doctors of the clinics, qualified and completed special course of training, with solid reputation and specialising in dermatological surgery, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, that always guarantees optimum results to the patients in any country of the world.


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