Labioplasty is the surgery intended to restoration of the correct form of female vulvar lips. This surgery is conducted when a woman has too large, too small or assymetric vulvar lips which have the negative influence on the sex character, on the sexulaity, femininity and the self-assurance of the patent.
The increase vulvar lips can cause discomfort during the sex and bicycling. Sex problems can be caused by undeveloped vulvar lips. The solution for such problems is vulvar lips plasty – labioplasty.

Labioplasty is not the most complicated surgery of cosmetic surgery but it requires the accuracy of the engineers, eays of the articst and the hands of the sculptor. Surgery sstages are rather simple but require the accuracy and precision.

Indications for labioplasty are:

  • Changing the form or size of labia minora which can overlap the labia majora
  • loss of vulvar lips assymetry
  • elongation and assymetry of labia minora
  • too large vulvar lips
  • boggy or loose vulcar lips due to age-related atrophy or congenital changes

Contraindications for labioplasty are the inflammation of female genitals and STDs. If you are pregnant, inform the doctor.


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