General massage, therapeutic massage, anticellulite massage, zone massage.


Seaweeds are the inexhaustible sources of vital elements and vitamins. It is proved that the chemical composition of seaweed is almost identical to the composition of human blood plasma, therefore, the active components obtained from seaweeds are adopted by the person by almost 100%. It is difficult to overestimate the beneficial effects of seaweeds on the human body. Their restorative, regenerating and nourishing and anti-aging properties are the basis of all cosmetic procedures for face and body.

Even after one session of thalassotherapy positive changes are visible and regular procedures provide a high quality and long lasting result. The skin and deeper lying tissue become elastic, toned, moisturized and protected. The body receives the necessary nutrient elements, resulting in a normalized metabolic processes. For keeping trim we have a wide range of preparations of leading firms in thalassotherapy. To improve and strengthen your silhouette we can offer you the wrap with the products of French firms “THALG0”, “ERICSON” , with which you will be able to solve both the general and local problems of excess weight, remove toxins, enrich the body with minerals, relieve stress, enhance the immune power of the body. Moreover cold wraps are essential for tired and heavy legs with the problems associated with poor blood circulation. The possible combinations of wraps with machine cosmetology and mesotherapy allows to enhance the effect of thalassotherapy.


  • cellulite
  • overweight
  • fat deposits in problem areas
  • improvement of skin quality


  • elimination of cellulite deposits
  • loss of inches in problem areas
  • improved skin tone
  • removing the effect of “orange skin”
  • normalization of blood circulation and lymph flow
  • perfect smooth saturated skin

Body mesotherapy:


  • cellulite
  • local fat deposits (thighs, buttocks, knee folds, abdomen, upper shoulder girdle)
  • contour body plastic
  • laxity
  • loss of skin elasticity


  • acute febrile diseases
  • skin disorders


  • lifting effect
  • improvement of skin firmness and elasticity
  • wrinkles effacement
  • reduction of fat deposits in problem areas
  • mesolipolyse treatment
  • increasing the skin turgor

Mesotherapy procedure:

  • treatment of the injection site with alcoholic solution (or chlorhexidine)
  • preparation of cocktail
  • injection of the drug

Before the procedure: it is possible to conduct tests for allergic reactions according to the client’s request. Mesotherapy uses a variety of techniques of subcutaneous injections, the drug is injected either with a pistol or manually, depending on the application site and preferences of the specialist. To perform the injection on the body a special “gun” (mesoinjector) is usually used, and when greater accuracy of injection is required, for example, on the face, the doctor performs the procedure manually.

Recommendations after the procedure:

  • to limit visiting sauna,bath, pools within 10 days
  • not to sunbathe and in the solarium within 10 days


Procedure is made on the apparatus combined with the laser. The principles of the method. The principle of the method. With the help of special module through the problem areas (thighs, buttocks, stomach, etc.) the acoustic wave is passed, which acts directly on adipose tissue. The acoustic wave breaks up the fibrous bridges, which creates the effect of tuberosity.

The result is not only the effective cellulite treatment, but also a significant tightening of the skin.The procedure is painless, and the state after it is comparable with a pleasant feeling of fatigue after the gym. The procedure is performed in conjunction with massage or LPG, it is necessary to speed up the process of removing the decay products of fat cells through the lymphatic and circulatory system. The course requires 5-10 treatments, depending on how fast the desired result is achieved. There are no contraindications for the procedure no. Acoustic cellulite treatment is absolutely safe, the most modern and efficient method on the market today.


The methodology for conducting procedures on LPG apparatus is based on the effects of specially designed headpiece on the skin and adipose tissue, the principle of which is the unique combination of vacuum “sucking” of skin surface with roller massage. At the same time, the strongest lipolysis* (fat burning) occurs, causing the visible reduction of body mass and local fat deposits on problem areas.

Due to blood circulation and the influence on definite zones from the neck to feet, lymph drainage and toxins extraction that also eefectively assists the reduce of overweight. Besides, massage on LPG apparatus is unusually pleasant and physiological. Massage on LPG apparatus is the effective, quick and safe method of constitution correction, removal of cellulite and increasing the skin elasticity.


1. Both large and small amounts of fat tissue are subject to acculift. Laser beams can remove fat on large areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. But the advantage of acculift is that it is possible to treat small areas of fat deposits: the armpits, chin, knees, shins and hands. Excellent results are obtained with the procedure on the groomed, slim clients that tend to bring their figure to perfection.

2. Low invasiveness of the procedure. The laser beam melts fat deposits, transforming them into fatty detritus. Thus the adjacent skin and muscle are not damaged, as there is no mechanical impact. In acculift there is no bruising. The recovery period after the procedure is much shorter and easier than after mechanical liposuction. Fatty detritus after the procedure is in a completely liquid state and is easily sucked through a small cannula, if necessary. The place of puncture of acculift does not scar. The results are more delicate and aesthetic compared to mechanical liposuction.

3. Visualization of the process. Acculift due to less trauma formation and absence of increasing edema allows the surgeon to fully see the final result of the procedure. That is, the doctor sees how slim the waist, ankle are, etc. during the procedure.


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