New therapeutic procedure – laser rejuvenationNEW PRODUCT. Procedure is performed with the laser Media-Star.

Operating principle: impact on deep layers of a skin – derma. Derma warming up leads to increase of collagen and elastin fibres in it, and the mediated impact on vessels leads to fibroblasts’ quantity increase.

Clinical result: smoothing, lighting of the colour of a skin, disappearance of small wrinkles and pigmentation, improvement of skin quality.

Laser rejuvenation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Procedure implementation. The course of 3-6 procedures at the time interval of 3 days is prescribed. Procedure is painless, make-up can be made in 15 minutes after procedure.

Contra-indications: skin injury, apparent irritations.

Nevi (birthmarks) are not contra-indication, since they are bypassed by the laser beam during procedure.

Advantage of the laser rejuvenation before the photorejuvenation: painlessness of the laser rejuvenation, absence of complications (hyperpigmentation), short course of 3-6 procedures, in comparison with a photorejuvenation when 15-25 procedures are required.

Procedure is performed in Almaty and Astana.

Laser rejuvenation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Laser rejuvenation is the latest technique of correction of age-specific changes of a skin. Consolidation and improvement of quality of deep layers of a skin, removal of small wrinkles, visible vessels, pigmentation, considerable improvement of colour and condition of skin occurs after exposure to laser beam. Procedure effectively stops processes of skin ageing.

It is applied for prophylaxis of ageing and prolongation of the effect after laser resurfacing.

The laser rejuvenation is the method of support of plastic operation.


The laser rejuvenation is soft, sparing technique. It is atraumatic, painless, does not require a lot of time, and is not accompanied by side effects. During procedure, the patient feels the pleasant “restorative” warmth, spreading on a skin. This sensation of “soft” warmth can remain for one hour and more after procedure.


Laser rejuvenation is not just cosmetic, but health improving procedure: blood circulation in the skin is restored, its ability to restoration and regeneration improves on 30 %. For this reason, experts recommend to undergo the course of laser rejuvenation before the forthcoming plastic operation for the fast healing of stitches and prevention of scars formation.

Laser rejuvenation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus


The course of the procedures (5) allows to get rid from the already existing and to prevent formation of new wrinkles. Procedures are performed 1 time in 3 days. Duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes.


Experts recommend to undergo 1 – 1 course of a laser rejuvenation in a year, beginning from 30 years for timely prevention of the processes of skin ageing.


Laser rejuvenation does not damage the skin and it is created especially for the people, with active lifestyle, the day of such people is scheduled by minutes. There is no rehabilitation period at the laser rejuvenation: you can use cosmetics and return on a workplace right after procedures, not being afraid that the traces of medical intervention are visible.

Laser rejuvenation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus


Unlike the photorejuvenation – the laser does not cause burns, therefore, the procedure is absolutely painless and causes only pleasant sensations. Thanks to selectivity of exposure, the whole course of procedures will take less than two weeks, instead of several months, required at the photorejuvenation.

Laser rejuvenation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

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