What is laser peeling?

Laser peeling – is an excellent modern method to eliminate small problems with the skin, to help it to look younger and to be regenerated.

Any modern woman knows, what a peeling is. This word in English means “to peel”, remove a crust. Therefore, all peeling preparations, returning cleanliness, smoothness and healthy look to our skin, are applied for a peeling. Today, thanks to a peeling, you can get rid of a roughness of a skin and large pores, hyperpigmentation and burrs of a skin, it is possible to reduce deep wrinkles and to smooth the small wrinkles in full.

Peeling – is a procedure of removal of the surface layer of the skin epithelium. Exposure provides uniform peeling of several layers of necrotic cells that stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, leads to generation of young cells, and promotes general rejuvenation of a skin. At the heart of peeling effect lays the natural process of continuous rejuvenation of a skin.

The cells of the top layer of a skin – epidermis, have been born on basal membrane, having passed a number of changes, transform in dead horny scales, which inevitably fall down from a skin surface, giving place to the cells following them. This process runs imperceptibly for us with at strictly determined speed. However, with the years, speed of restoration of epidermis is slowed down, the waste horny scales are not removed in time due to the influence of various stressful factors. It leads to a thickening of a horny layer and to relative reduction of the layer of live cells of epidermis that negatively influences moisture of the skin and worsens its appearance.

Laser peeling in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Indications to a laser peeling

  • Enlarged pores, traces from acne
  • Comedone, opened and closed
  • Small and medium wrinkles
  • Reduction of skin turgor
  • Roughness of surface and pigmentation
  • Weary, asphyxias skin of any type of fat content!

Laser peeling contra-indications

There are contra-indications for this cosmetic procedure. It is not recommended to perform laser peeling of a skin in the patients, suffering from the following diseases:

  • herpes in acute condition
  • pyodermatites or in presence of the inflamed areas
  • tendency to form of keloid cicatrix and hyperpigmentation
  • epilepsy and diabetes

Do not perform the laser peeling procedure during exacerbation of chronic diseases. Make appointment with the attending doctor and cosmetician.

Laser peeling in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

What are the kinds of a peeling?

There are the various kinds of peeling, promoting cleaning of a skin from excessive horny cells, stimulating thereby division of cells of basal layer, and, therefore, the process of skin regeneration.

Depending on the substances and techniques, used for a peeling, the following are recognised:

  • mechanical peeling
  • chemical peeling
  • physical (laser)

On the depth of exposure, the following are recognised:

  • superficial peeling
  • median peeling and
  • deep peeling.

The elementary superficial mechanical peeling is familiar to the majority of women, repeatedly making it at home by means of special scrubs. Professional cosmeticians perform superficial and other kinds of peeling using other methodologies – by means of chemically active substances – acids. Peeling in the conditions of specialised institution always begins with skin cleaning by special solutions for the purpose of its defatting and acidity normalisation. Then acid is applied by uniform layer on a skin of the patient and is neutralised by special solution in several minutes. Such peeling allows to remove the layer of horny (dead) cells in full, to stimulate generation of young cells and fibres of collagen and elastin, providing skin tone and elasticity.

The erbium laser is used for performance of a laser peeling, penetration on the minimum depth is used, as appropriate. So, laser peeling can be attributed to a variant of superficial, median and deep – on the degree of laser resurfacing.

How is the laser peeling performed?

This procedure consists in the following: at penetration of a magic beam of the laser on strictly determined depth, there is an evaporation of moisture from the superficial layers of skin. The dead cells are removed, and the skin, in turn, begins to generate actively the fibres of elastin and collagen, which promote elasticity. The skin is regenerated, its tone increased, blood circulation and complexion improves.

Laser peeling allows to get rid successfully of wrinkles and tattoos, freckles, birthmarks, warts, stretch marks and even scars. However, the laser exposure penetrates only into the superficial layers of skin, therefore, deep wrinkles or deep pigment spots are not removed, and they can be reduced only, made less visible.

Laser peeling in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Conceptual difference of the laser peeling

  • Strict control of the depth of penetration: procedure accuracy
  • Atraumatic, it is conditioned by the nature of impact of erbium (cold) laser beam
  • Possibility of zoned change of parameters, determining the depth of penetration on each separate area
  • Possibility of the high-precision operation on the most sensitive areas, including the zone of eyes and lips
  • The effect of excessive thinning-down of skin (baby-skin) is excluded

Restoration is much faster at Laser Peeling, than at any other method of peeling to similar depth. It is caused by strengthening of regenerative and protective functions of skin as a result of laser exposure against the background of partial thermal coagulation. Subjectively, it is expressed in relative hyperaemia in the first day after procedure (effect of sunburn in solarium). You even should not explain anything to your family and to colleagues: fine scaling within 2-4 days is so fine-dispersed that it is noticeable only by touch, and even allows to use decorative cosmetics.

In regard to the cost, laser peeling is very advantageous: on the one hand, it allows to obtain the effect laser resurfacing, prolonged in time, on the other hand, there are no side effects and complications, such problems, which can be resolved only at course application of professional superficial-median peeling, are resolved at the first time.

Recovery after a laser peeling
After the erbium laser peeling, practically no complications occur due to light superficial impact. This procedure is absolutely painless, as there are no nerves ending on the depth of penetration. Cosmetic regenerative preparations are prescribed after procedure. Besides, it is recommended to minimize the contact with sun light and to use the sunscreen cream.

Results of the laser peeling
Result of laser resurfacing can be evaluated in 7-10 days. Final conclusions (especially at a deep peeling) can be made only in 3-6 months.

Due to elimination of the large quantity of old layers, and following regeneration, the skin is renewed completely. Thus, scars density and their depth are reduced, and the skin texture is improved. As a result of laser resurfacing, the facial skin is made smooth and even, and the solid “pillow” is found under the epidermis that provides the stability of the effect the laser rejuvenation of a skin.

Laser peeling in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Results of laser exposure:

  • removal of dead cells,
  • removal of scars,
  • improvement of blood circulation,
  • stimulation of synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres,
  • wrinkles smoothing.


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