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Nanoperforation – delicate light laser peeling.
It is performed on laser equipment Dermoblade and Dermablade Effect. exert impact on a skin with a laser beam differentially. The area with evaporated epidermis adjoins to the undamaged area, therefore, the micro-rings are formed on a skin, which stimulate the skin areas around.

Besides, derma is warmed up:

  • Improves colour and texture of face;
  • Pores and wrinkles are reduced;
  • Light lifting effect

Reddening of the areas of skin, processed by the laser, is observed within two days after procedure, then – light peeling. Final result is obtained in 7 days.
Procedure of selection for the age of 30-40 years.

Impact on scars, cicatrix, and acne is the insignificant. The laser peeling or polishing is prescribed in such cases.

Nanoperforation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Nanoperforation technique is a controllable, effective and safe method of rejuvenation, elimination of various cosmetology defects by means of a laser, suitable for both withering, and young skin. It is performed on laser equipment Dermoblade and Dermablade Effect.

Characteristics of the method. The laser “punches” 169 micro wounds (laser micro notches) during single pulse. The unaffected areas are around each of them, and damage, caused by the pulses of the laser, gives an incentive to restoration of the structure of a skin on all processed surface.

Laser operation consists in destruction in limiting low proportion of old collagen and elastin, and the cells, remained around the zones of impact, “wake up” and start to reconstruct the damaged area intensively. The functionally active skin with all properties of young skin participates in tissue regeneration.
The therapeutic effect is defined by an arrangement of microscopic zones on a skin.

Laser parameters could be adjusted to create the various three-dimensional structures, forming the zones of injury of various shapes and on different depth. It is possible to create any set of matrixes for drawing of microscopic zones of processing.

Nanoperforation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Nanoperforation allows to:

  • reach a rejuvenating effect of the skin of a face, neck, décolleté, hand-dorsa;
  • remove wrinkles in sensitive and tender area of eyes («crow’s feet»);
  • eliminate pigment spots (increased pigmentation, melasoma);
  • smooth out considerably, up to full disappearance, the postoperative and traumatic (after incisions and burns) scars;
  • fight with skin stretch marks;
  • correct the consequences of acneiform rash (post-acne)

It is important to note that Nanoperforation is a unique laser technique of sparing and safe therapy of a skin in a décolleté and neck zone, around eyes and even on hand-dorsa.

Procedure of implementation. Prior to the beginning of treatment, skin is cleaned by antiseptic. Doctor sets parameters, required in each individual case, of laser operation. By means of special attachment, which allows to maintain constant distance from the “beginning” of the light beam to a skin, the Nanoperforation is performed directly. Laser “flash” during a session excites sensations, comparable with prickling. Procedure is finished by application of nourishing, sedative cream.

Duration of the session and quantity of procedures depends on the processed area and problem to be solved. One session of drawing of laser micro notches can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The whole course of care, treatment and rejuvenation of skin consists of 3-4 procedures, and they are performed at the time interval of 3-4 weeks.

The time of rehabilitation after procedure is minimal. Reaction of tissues, in the form of minor oedema and skin reddening, remains within one-two days. The peeling, which is natural after this procedure, is observed within one week, and it is eliminated by means of light scrubs and moisturizing cream.

Nanoperforation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

The skin gains the bronze tint, like at sunburn, within 4 days. Until the coetaneous covering will not be recovered, it is important to protect the skin from direct sun light and to protect it by means of sunscreen cream.

With a view to ensure the rehabilitation period without complications, and the obtained result has been fixed for a long time, do your best to observe all doctor’s instructions on tender skin domiciliary care! By the way, it is better to abstain from the alcohol and smoking at this time. Your efforts will be rewarded – you will obtain exclusively beautiful, young and healthy skin, and you will not wait for compliments and admiring glances for a long.

Contra-indications for nanoperforation:

  • oncological diseases;
  • herpes in active phase;
  • acute inflammatory diseases of a skin;
  • pregnancy;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of any aetiology.

Nanoperforation in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

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