Removals of warts, papillomas, birthmarks, tattoos

It is performed under local anaesthesia (injection, application) with method of evaporation of such formation by laser beam. The crust, which disappears within 5-7 days, is formed after procedure. Preliminary advice of the oncologist is required in some cases. Removal of undesirable hair.

It is performed with diode laser. Radiated light energy penetrates to the depth of 3-4 mm in the skin, it is fully drawn by a hair follicle. The temperature is raised within a fraction of a second to critical values with destruction of a matrix zone of this follicle.

The certain quantity of procedures is required, taking into account a genotype of the patient, but 4-5 visits are obligatory. Procedure is performed once a month – month and a half. Hair grow is inhibited for 5 years as a minimum after systematic exposure to laser beam.

Removal of vessels on a face and a body

Elimination of minor defects of skin in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

Effective procedure, allowing to get rid with a sparing method of such vascular formations as:

  • capillary haemangioma
  • spider haemangioma (vascular spider)
  • couperosis manifestations
  • vascular nevus of skin (port-wine mark)

The mechanism of exposure is the following: light energy, penetrating through a skin, is drawn by a vessel, the latter is heated up and stuck, blood-circulation stops in this location. Few sessions should be performed with the interval of 2-3 weeks in some cases.

Elimination of minor defects of skin in Astana and Almaty: cosmetology clinic Darus

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