01Technology RF is absolutely new type of impact in cosmetology for non-invasive cosmetology procedures. In aesthetic medicine, this technology is used for non-invasive lifting of skin and treatment of cellulites from the beginning of the century XXI. Name RF is the abbreviation of the term Radio Frequency that is an electric current in a radio-frequency band. Procedure is performed with the lasers MedioStar Effect and Dermablade Effect Method principle.

As a result of influence of the RF-headpiece, which emits high frequency radio-waves, the tissues are heated up in the zone of treatment. High electric resistance of the tissue leads to temperature rise in derma, while epidermis is cooled by the CoolStar cooling system.

During the procedure, the RF-headpiece draws in the skin due to vacuum, which is located, as a fold, between two electrodes, and is cooled. The radio-wave pulse selectively heats up only the treated area of the skin, being between two electrodes, as a result, there is a deep heating of derma and regeneration of collagen and elastin. The skin is tightened, its texture is improved right after the first procedure with the further improvement within 2-4 months.

Asclepion in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus

Immediate effect of skin tightening, improvement of a tone and smoothing of wrinkles, is visible after the first session. Extended effect is reached after a course of the procedures (from 5 to 10), performed in one week. The result becomes stronger continuously during half a year. During this time, active synthesis of collagen fibres is going on in derma, restoration of elasticity and improvement of appearance of a skin take place. Effect consists in smoothing of wrinkles, reduction of the area of a skin for more than 20 %, improvement of its texture and colour. Result persists within 2-3 years.


Visible results after the first procedure with increasing effect during a course. The course of procedures provides reduction of the area of a skin for more than 20 % and provides long-term result (within 2-3 years), comparable to a surgical tightening of a skin.

Asclepion in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus

Painlessness of procedures

Safety, universality and absence of seasonal restrictions: risk of damage of a skin is excluded and procedures can be performed on a skin of any type, and irrespective of a season.

Non-invasiveness and absence of the period of rehabilitation

Indications for radio wave thermo-lifting:

  • loss of elasticity, skin laxity;
  • wrinkles;
  • baggy lower eyelids;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • age-specific changes of the facial contours;
  • abdomen skin sagging after delivery, weight loss;
  • contours irregularity after liposuction

Asclepion in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus



  • improvement of skin elasticity and flexibility;
  • wrinkles smoothing;
  • reduction of depth of nasolabial folds;
  • improvement of facial contours;
  • reduction of “double chin”;
  • lifting in the zone of cheekbones and cheeks;
  • neck lifting.


  • tightening of skin of abdomen after delivery, liposuction, weight loss,
  • lifting of “problem” zones – internal surface of a hip, shoulders, knees
  • rejuvenation of a décolleté and hands

Asclepion in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus

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