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Abdominoplastyis one of the most popular reparative surgeries which is made of the anterior part of abdominal wall. It is condicted to remove the excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and to tighten abdomen muscles occurred as a result of muscles hyperextension and increase of adipocutaneous abdomen roll.

abdominoplastika-1In translation, the term abdominoplasty means the correction of the shape of anterior abdominal wall. Thus, after the surgery conducted the waist becomes thinner, the abdomen is flattered and becomes tight. All theses changes occur due to the resection of the excess subcutaneous fat and due to the increase of abdomen muscles tonicity.
Several nain factors influence on the shape and sizes of human abdomen wall: the age, natural constitution and, of course, sex attribute. Defects of the anterior abdominal cavity wall are rather widespread phenomenon, they represent apidocutaneous roll and are more often induced by sedentary lifestyle of the person and are the results of the prefnancy and delivery as well.


Indications for abdominoplasty are:

  • Excess of skin and subcutaneous tissue of the anterior abdominal wall which cannot ve removed by ither means and methods (diet, physical exercises, lipoplasty, combination of these methods).
  • Impossibility top make lipoplasty due to the sharp decrease of collagen-elastic skin properties (risk to get the effect of “baked apple” on the abdomen skin after lipoplasty.
  • Availability of marked linear atrophy (pale strech marks) in the excess of abdomen skin.
  • Availability of apidocutaneous apron and ptosis (descent) of the anterior abdominal wall.
  • Disruption of abdominal rectus muscles and general stretching of abdominal muscles.
  • Rough post-surgery scars in the lower abdomen.

At the same time, with the abdominoplasty, is is possible and necessary, if any, to perfrom the liquidation of the anterior abdominal wall hernia (umbilical, inguinal, post-surgery).

It is not recommended to combine abdominoplasty with other abdominal operations.

Abdominoplasty in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus


  • Non-compensated cardial and pulmonary failure
  • Decompensated diebetes mellitus
  • Marked obesity
  • Availability of post-surgery scars above the omphalus level
  • Pregnancy to be planned within the year
  • Oncological diseases.

Abdominoplasty is the surgery not for obesity and weight loss.

So, before initiating it is required to clarify the reasons of obesity, to use all methids and, thus, to achive the weigh loss. If the operation is made on the maximum weight its results after wegth loss shall be damaged, as the excess skinn can again appear.

The alternate procedure which is always observed instead of many types of above-mentioned syrgeries of abdominoplasty – is the lipoplasty itself. It helps to remove fatty tissue and causes only slight skin stretching.


As for today two types of surgeries on the anterior part of the abdominal wall are used the most actively.

  • extended abdominoplasty the performance of which is associated with the necessity of omphalus transfer;
  • limited abdominoplasty, in which the omphalus transfer is not conducted;

The extended abdominoplasty is used in cases when adipocutaneous roll is of significant sizes that requires to conduct the change of the entire abdominal wall. The limited type of this surgery with the help of which non-significant defects are eliminated, is conducted, mainly, only in the lower part of the abdomen wall.

The limited abdominoplasty helps additionally to remove the stretches, often occurring in women after delivery.


There is miniabdominoplasty – the resection of skin excess of the anterior abdominal wall without the omphalus transfer. After this surgery the scar remains over the pubis with the length of 10-15 cm along the “bikini” line. Sometimes this surgery is combined with the lipoplasty.


Definitely, abdominoplasty is, first of all, the informed choice of the patient itself to which it goes in order to eliminate the obtained defects of its form. In addition, the warranty,that abdominoplasty shall pass successfully and its result shall be completely comply with the patient’s expectations, is the compliance with the following conditions:

  • Obligatory consultation with the specialist during which the possibility is revealed for conducting such surgery for each specific case;
  • Receiving the fullest information about the details of the surgery and about the procedure of post-surgery period, that gives opportunity to the patient to take the most weighed decision.
  • Complete medical examination which reveals the presence of contraindications and general physical condition of the patient.

In case if all these conditions are complied with and you had clarified that abdominoplasty shal not cause any adverse effects in you body, it is only required to appoint the date of surgery and to beging to prepare for it.

Abdominoplasty in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus


abdominoplastika-2It should be noted that abdominoplasty is obligatory performed under general anesthesia.
Standard abdominoplasty lasts from 2 to 4 hours. Discission which provide the access to the anterior abdominal wall is made over the pubis, little higher than inguinal fold and has the “onion” form. This technique of making discission allows to effectively hide the scar which shall be left under the underdress.

The sirgery itself consists on that adipocutaneous layer of the anterior abdominal cavity is laminated and transferred to its lower part, and the excess of this layer which form the “apron” are removed. If the extended abdominoplasty is performed then in its course new position for the omphalus is created. In the process of this surgery, if there any necessity, the additional strengthening of muscles of the abdominal cavity is performed. The process of cosmetic saturation completes the surgery.


Despite its popularity abdominoplasty is rather serious surgery after which the rehabilitation period is required during which one should responsibly comply with all doctor’s prescriptions. After surgery the patient is in the clinic under the monitoring of doctors for 24 hours. And even after the patient is discharged from the clinic next day he/she should visit doctors withon the subsequent 14 days with the periodicity of 2-3 times a week. During these visits the doctorexamines the patient and does dressings which does not take much time and is completely painless procedure. Small inconvenience which is associated with the abdominoplasty is the installation of draining tube which is necessary for draining fluid.

With this tybe causing only slight discomfort the patient should, possible, spend for 2-3 days and then it should be removed without pain. Removal of sutures, in most cases, is made in two weeks. Rehabilitation period after abdominoplasty is also associated with the wearing of compression garments for 1 month after surgery. Periodically, but at the first time, not earlier than 10 days after surgery the compression garments may be taken off, that shall cause the necessity to take bath or shower. As a rule, the scheduled consultation of the cosmetic surgeon, who made the surgery, is appointed on 30th day after the discharge of the patient from the clinic.


Regenerative process after abdominoplasty can go slowly, especially, in more dense central part of the wound and sometimes within several weeks the dressing is required. Most often this kind of problems takes place in patients with overweight and in those smoking.

Excessive activity in the first days after abdominoplasty slows down the process of recuperation and increase fluid accumulation. One can go in for sports not earlier than in six weeks, particularly, if the stiches are put on the muscle tissue. As a rule, the brace in the form of compression garments assists to reduce the smelling in the first months after surgery.

After abdominoplasty in the lower abdominal cavity the numbness can be felt, sometimes it is temporary, but sometimes it is constant. Swelling in the suture area after abdominoplasty usually occurs due to fluid accumulation which is drained to the inguinal region. Such swelling or tuber passes off within several month.

After abdominoplasty the patient has obvious sutures. The main suture passes through the lower abdominal part and at the standard reduce of the abdomen the suture passes around the omphalus.Such or similar sutures may be left on the problem areas of the patient’ body. In different patient the sutures may look like differently, however in any case all sutures initially are of red color. Naturally, the patient understands where these sutures should be positioned and it should be discussed with the cosmetic surgeon.


The result of abdominoplasty lasts long but, however, it should be noted that the control over own weight and physical activity can save the result contsnt. Further pregnancy, of course, shall again stretch the ski, although, possibly, not in such extent.

Abdominoplasty in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus

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