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smas-lifting-01SMAS lifting is the deep face lifting which is capable to turn back clock hands through 10-15 years. Modern plastic surgery SMAS lifting applies the most advanced circular face lift technique. With this procedure not only skin is lifted, but also close tissues deep-lying under skin – so-called Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System, in abbreviated form – SMAS. It produces the pronounced face lifting effect as much sustainable in time as possible.

SMAS face lifting is recommended in case of strongly pronounced signs of aging, redundant face skin or fatty deposits. SMAS lifting is optimum until 45 years while skin is well contracted. However, in the absence of contraindications SMAS face lifting can be made even in 80.

SMAS lifting in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus

Specialists maintain that you should resort to face rejuvenation when you will detect the first signs of aging. Lifting id the advanced method of rejuvenation, it is not one-time surgery, if necessary, you can resort to repeated lifting in 10-15 years. It is absolutely easy to return face vibrancy, beauty and attractiveness!

Objective of lifting is to recover face features rather than unwrinkle by skin tension. Circular face lifting removes redundant skin and deep wrinkles, sharps face contour, retracts cheek skin flabbiness and bagginess, suppresses soft cheek tissues lowering below the bone edge of the lower jaw and lateral angle of eyes.

In the course of surgery the skin stretches, its redundancies are excised, stitches and dressing are applied.

SMAS lifting in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus


Availability of the following age-specific changes is treated as SMAS lifting indications:

  • skin sinking-down
  • wrinkles
  • Ptosis of skin in the area of eyelids and lateral angle of eye
  • Extreme nasolabial folds
  • Double chin
  • Face skin flabbiness and bagginess
  • Soft cheek tissues lowering
  • Wrinkles and neck skin flabbiness

SMAS lifting in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus


SMAS lifting is not recommended in case of the following diseases:

  • oncological diseases
  • pancreatic diabetes
  • cardiovascular system diseases
  • blood diseases
  • some chronic diseases
  • medical diseases

SMAS lifting is performed and planned individually for each patient


There are various types of the face lifting and anti-aging:

  • Face and neck bottom anti-aging, as well as superior temporal coronal endoscopic lift. For example, classical (open) forehead lift is intended for unwrinkle of the forehead, and removal of nasal bridge skin folds.
  • Endoscopic forehead lift technique is intended for unwrinkle of the forehead; it is performed through the injection of thin optical fiber probe, when the surgeon views image on the monitor screen and performs surgery. These procedures are performed within two hours under general anesthesia, thereafter, forehead edemas are possible. After surgery you remain in clinic for 1-2 days and in the absence of any complications after examination and dressing you can be discharged. Forehead edema is possible, stitches are removed in a week, you can estimate a final effect in 2-3 months
  • Another option – faceplasty – simple face skin lift. Face skin is exfoliated by means of tools and is lifted. It becomes possible after incision behind ears and under head hair – but they will be absolutely unnoticeable after surgery.
  • Today the most popular method of anti-aging and method producing the most long-term effect is the lifting. Deep face and neck lift (SMAS), face lifting with capture of the close tissues lying under the skin – Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS). Generally, after SMAS the effect remains much longer. Surgery lasts about 3 hours under general anesthesia. This surgical intervention is painless.

SMAS lifting in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus


Firstly, face “skeleton” is lifted and restored; it means that sufficiently deep wrinkles are smoothed – for example, the same nasolabial folds.
Secondly, SMAS is fixed in required position that further will secure it against gravity action. Certainly, not forever, but rather long-term effect is guaranteed.

Thirdly, SMAS lifting affords opportunity for face simulation – slightly change form of cheekbones, cheeks, other parts. Such opportunity is essential for many people. SMAS lifting can be traditional and extensive. It occurs when nasolabial folds are too pronounced, and are not subject to routine correction. In this case there is necessity during operation to grasp the area located close to nose.

Sometimes SMAS lifting is supplemented with other surgeries – for example, platysmoplasty – in order to obtain “ideal decollate”, or forehead and eyebrows lift. In case of gross obesity in the area of chin and neck we perform lipoplasty.

It should be well understood that SMAS lifting is not panacea for all face woes; however, currently, this technique eliminates age-specific changes to the fullest extent, effectively, extensively and reliably.

All of this just because of strengthening of the face basis, first of all – without which no other surgeries produce such long-term effect. Therefore, you can safely treat it as operation of choice of the majority of patients with the apparent face age-specific changes.

SMAS lifting in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus


smas-lifting-02Generally, SMAS lifting is performed under phlebonarcosis without the use of the general anesthesia. Incisions are made inside the auricle and behind an ear. Surgery is continued 1.5-2.5 hours. A surgeon exfoliates the midface and dorsal neck area skin. In the course of surgery a doctor fixes SMAS tissues in new position.

Plastic reconstruction of deeper structures may be performed in order to achieve more impressive effect in the course of facioplasty according to SMAS method. With this end in view, a maxillofacial surgeon works with the face tissues at the periosteum level. Decision on skin exfoliation depth is made by operating surgeon on a case-by-case basis.

Generally, neck and decollate area lifting is performed during SMAS in order to avoid contrast of the lifted face and neck. SMAS is well combined with lipoplasty (removal of redundant fat) that enables to remove the double chin, “bulldog cheeks”, to make the face thinner and to achieve the pronounced anti-aging effect.

Together with circular lifting a surgeon can recommend to perform forehead and eyebrows lifting. If there are indications, the face lifting can be repeated in 8-10 years.


During the rehabilitation period you can have face swelling and such swelling can increase, then will abate (as well as bruises and black and blues). Complexity of lifting is in keeping facial expression; therefore, be attentive to all requirements of the doctor.


Upon completion of SMAS lifting you should stay in clinic within 1-3 days under the supervision. Small hematomas, edemas and skin sensory decrement are possible. In another 2 weeks tissue blood supply will be restored and skin will get the natural color.

Stitches inside an ear will be removed within 5-7 days, behind ears – within 10-12 days. Stitches will be unnoticeable about in 2 months after SMAS facioplasty.

Complex of physiotherapeutic procedures and skin contraction injections is prescribed to all patients un order to accelerate the rehabilitation period.

Our exclusive restoration technique enables to accelerate rehabilitation for some weeks.
In order to obtain the fullest anti-aging effect the plastic surgery advises to perform blepharoplasty (eye lift) after SMAS lifting

SMAS lifting in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus


Correctly performed face SMAS lifting gives natural, young and fresh complexion. You will hear compliments that you look like “a million dollars” and, perhaps, only the security service of your company can define that you had not only “good rest”, but also wrinkles and double chin have disappeared.

A patient looks younger by 10-15 years after lifting, and tremendous post-SMAS face lifting anti-aging effect retains up to 8-10 years. You can estimate the effect to the fullest extent after a lapse of 1-2 months.

SMAS lifting in Astana and Almaty: clinic Darus


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