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Female breastis the model of beauty and feminity, where the ideal size and forms are determined in accordance with the social and esthetic individual ideas. Modern plastic surgery with the help of mammoplasty (endoprosthesis replacement of mammry glands) offers to make your bosom more expressive, to improve the contour of the breast giving the figure more proportional and perfect forms – such you are dreaming about.


Mammoplasty in Astana and Almaty: Darus – the clinic of plastic surgery


  1. Inherent hypoplasia of mammary gland (insufficient development of mammary glands, the breast is slightly defined).
  2. Mammary gland aplasia (absence of mammary glands, flat breast)
  3. Assymetry (one of the mammary glands is evidently less than the other)
  4. Breast ptosis (breast seems to be flat due to the sagging and its upper part became like empty bags (skin stretching over the age, after breast feeding, weight loss…)).
  5. The breast is not proportional to the entire body and wish to have breast of larger size.


  1. Despite the advertisement of various creams, capsules, emulsion, tablets, electric and vacuum stimulants, etc., the efficiency of these methods of breast enlargement is rather doubtful. The injections of various gels may cause unreversible processes/changes in the breast and changing its form and are dengerous for the health. The only method of reliable and safe breast enlargement and changing its form recognized by the Cosmetic Surgeons Association in the world, is the mammoplasty with the installation of implants, i.e. endoprosthesis replacement of breast.
  2. Examinations made in the clinic of Mayo in USA provved that between silicone and autoimmune implants, and cancer diseases there are no any connection.
  3. Silicone implants do not cause either intoxication and silicone allergy, do not render undesirable effects on the pregnancy, breast feeding and health of infants.

Mammoplasty in Astana and Almaty: Darus – the clinic of plastic surgery


  • Insufficiency or inadequacy of tissue cover, as per surgeon evaluation.
  • Acute infection or suspected cancerous tumour
  • Anatomic or physiologic disorders which may cause serious post-operative complications.
  • Involutive ptosiswithout mastopexy. It is the condition when areolar-mammillary complex is located below the inframammary fold.
  • Immune system disorders.
  • Psychological instability, for example, the absence of the proper attitude or motivation, or imperception of risks associated with surgical interbention and prosthesis.
  • Severy obesity, tobacco abuse, autoimmune diseases, blood coagulability disorder, chronic pulmonary or cardiovascular diseases may serve as contraindications.


The increased mammoplasty is the surgery on the increasing of the mammary glands due to placement of special silicone implant over the tissue of mammary gland or below the pectoral muscle.

In the insignificant thickness of the subcutaneous fatty tissue the protesis is positioned under the greater pectoral muscle. In other cases in more insignificant volume of glandular and adipose tissues, the protesis is implanted directly under the breast tissue.

The issue on the method of surgical access is solved at pre-consultation by surgeon and woman mutually. The final decision is understood, first of all, based on the wishes of woman, but considering her individual peculiarities of the structure, surgeon’s and other specialists recommendations. One of the 3 accesses is chosen each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. discission in the natural fold under the breast (submammary access)
  2. discissions in the axilla area (axilla area)
  3. discission around the nipple areole (perialeolar access). There is the variety of this excess – the discission is located inside the areole (transareolar).

1. Submammary access

The simplests and the most reliable method – discision with the length of 3-4 cm is made in the fold under the breast. Using this method the surgeon may qualitatively for the bed for implant, and the most important thing is that the tissue of mammary gland is not damaged. The only disadvantage of this method is a small but visible scar.

2. Discission in the axilla area

Discission is made alont the area of armpit hair under the direct angle to the arm. The advantage of this kind of access is that there shll not be the scar on mammary glands, but the surgery is technically more complicated. In this regard it is prohibited to put drop-shaped implants although some women are more suitable for this kind of implants.

The sutures in the axillary region are healing worse as they are in the zone of the increased hidrosis.

3. Perialeolar access

Discission is made along the areole border so at the selection of this method the areole should be large enough. This method is considered to be the most “esthetic” The suture after surgery in half of the year will not been seen at all., but in periareolar mehod of access there is the necessity in partial discission of mammary glands’ tissue so this method is not suitable for women with some diseases of mammary glands and for women planning breast feeding.


Mammoplasty in Astana and Almaty: Darus – the clinic of plastic surgery


To increase the breast the special implants of mammary gland are used (endoprothesis). The outer cover of the implant is silicone, inside the prothesis there is filler. The most popular fillers are silicone gel and saline solution (physiological solution). However the use of normal saline implants is limited due to fragility of implant and occurrence of “guggle” effect in the movement. In our clinic we use high quality and certified silicone endoprothesis of famous manufacturers, particularly McGhan, Mentor, tested by multiple examinations. The implants are selected individually for each patient with maximum consideration of its constitutional peculiarities.


  • The patient should be healthy (absence of flu or other diseases);
  • Examination should be made (if possible, in clinic);
  • 10 days before operation aspirin-containing medicines should not be taken;
  • If you smoke you should refrain fromsmoking as the smoking may significantly suppress the healing process;
  • The night before you should take a bath, it is permitted to have light dinner;

Mammoplasty in Astana and Almaty: Darus – the clinic of plastic surgery


The surgery lasts 1,0-1,5 hours with general anesthesia. The method of implant insertion and the place of its location shall depend on the cosmetic defect of mammary gland and your constitution as well as on the surgeon’s recommendations.


Clinic for 1-2 days. Moderate pain within 2-3 days (the pain is reverted by analgetic agents. The sense of skin stretching may be observed at the surgery place, stipulated by post-operative edema (for six weeks). The sutures are removed on 8-10 days. It is required to were (3-4 weeks) special compression wonderbra. Within 1,5-2 months after surgery it is recommended to limit physical loads especially on the pectotal arch, to exclude visiting bath, sauna and solarium. The final result can be evaluated in 3-6 months.


Hematoma, slow wound healing, temporary change of the breast sensation (increase or decrease). Exact observance of doctor’s recommendation before surgery and after it minimizes the risk of complications.

Mammoplasty in Astana and Almaty: Darus – the clinic of plastic surgery


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