Medical Center «Darus» is equipped with high-quality laser equipment of Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH company being the leading company in the field of medical laser technologies for more than 25 years.

Fitting of Medical Center “Darus” with laser equipment

  1. Dermablate Effect
  2. MCL 30 Dermablade Laser System
  3. Mediostar Effect
  4. Mediostar XT
  5. Multi-pulse laser equipment CO2
  6. Quadro Star
  7. Mediostar HC Pro-V Laser System
  8. TattooStar
  9. Excited-state dimer laser XTRAC
Dermablate Effect

Dermablate Effect new product – newest multifunctional laser equipment of Asclepion Laser Technologies company
designed for:
- Laser resurfacing
- Fractional thermolysis (For details here)
- Photocosmetology (APL) – it is a method of light impact from artificial sources such as HID lamps with various wave length with a view of correction of aesthetic damages undesirable for patient
- Radio-wave therapy
- Acoustic cellulite treatment
- Treatment of benign epidermal and dermal diseases, nevuses, etc.
Dermablate MCL-30

MCL-30 is the latest version of erbium lasers of “Dermablate” series of Asclepion Laser Technologies company
designed for:
- Laser resurfacing – cutaneous rejuvenation, alignment of the relief and tone by controllable layer-by-layer evaporation of the top layers with minimum residual thermal damage of surrounding tissues
- Correction of hypertrophic, atrophic and pitted acne cicatrical changes, as well as pigmented spots release
- Fractional thermolysis – method of laser resurfacing by micro-zonal evaporation of skin surface layers and focal photocoagulation of derma components, with short term of rehabilitation with minimum side effects risk
- Treatment of benign skin diseases in the form of nevuses, warts, papilloma, etc.
MedioStar Effect

New product – combine where high-energy diode laser is combined with modules of radiofrequency (RF) therapy and shock-wave (AW) therapy
designed for:

- light sheer;
- removal of vessels;
- photorejuvenation and acne treatment;
- radio-wave therapy;
- shock-wave therapy, etc.
MedioStar XT

MedioStar XT — high-performance two-wave diode laser, synonym of painless, safe epilation and delicate removal of vessels, it is designed for:

- light sheer (removal of hair of various color and thickness on any skin phototype);
- treatments of vessels, selective destruction of venous ectasia;
- acne therapy;
- laser resurfacing

Universal CO2 laser for plastic and general surgery, dermatocosmetology and gynecology, it is designed for:

- blepharoplasty;
- mammoplasty;
- abdominalplasty;
- lipoplasty;
- removal of papilloma, contagiosa, molluscum, warts, nevuses, atheromas, condyloma, etc.

QuadroStar — neodymium diode-pumped and frequency-doubled laser, it is used for:

- removal of vessels;
- removal of pigmented spots;
- laser lipolysis, etc.

TattooStar (microsecond-pulsed ruby laser with wave length of 694 nm) and TattoStar Y (neodymium frequency-doubled laser with wave lengths of 1064 nm and 532 nm) they are designed for:

- removal of tattoos;
- removal and correction of permanent makeup;
- removal of pigmented spots.
Excited-state dimer laser XTRAC AL8000 (USA)

Excited-state dimer laser XTRAC AL8000 (USA) is the breakthrough in the treatment of such serious skin conditions as

- atopic dermatitis and eczema.

It is hope of patients for normal life!